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Ridgeback is 30

As with most things in life, things change and one of the most apparent changes in recent years has been cycling's more mainstream public presence.

After all, cycling is a simple pursuit which for a relatively small outlay can provide many benefits. As well as improved health and offering a cost-effective alternative to high fuel and ticket prices, riding a bike allows you to accurately manage your journey time. It’s fast, efficient and provides freedom that other modes of transport just can't offer.

Once just a single mountain bike, Ridgeback is now in its 30th Anniversary year and offers a diverse selection of models to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of riders.

Highlights from new range include: The World series Expedition. A new long distance bike with 26" wheels and bar-end shifters, positioned at the more rugged end of the touring market.

The Rapide series has been fully upgraded with all models now using double wall rims, stainless spokes and Shimano cables. To cater for the increase in 'school commuting', Rapide gets a new 24" wheel model called Dimension. An everyday bike aimed at 8-11 year olds. Last but not least, we’ve added a 14" wheel Scoot for taller or older beginner bike riders.

Something that hasn’t changed is Ridgeback's aim to make shopping for a new bike as easy as possible. So whatever your riding style, we're sure you'll find a Ridgeback that's right for you in this year's brochure and online at

Toby Howes
Head of Product Design

Making History

Since 1983 Ridgeback has been building bikes for UK riders and has an unmatched reputation for innovation and quality. From high performance flat bar and touring bikes to comfortable commuters and children’s bikes, Ridgeback leads the way. Toby Howes looks back at some of Ridgeback’s landmark bikes.

The first Ridgeback bike

1983: The first Ridgeback

In the beginning

Ridgeback launched the UK’s first mountain bike.

Everyday cycling

1990 saw the arrival of the Ridgeback Roxy, an early forerunner of today’s Rapide series - the benchmark by which all other commuter bikes are measured.

The first Ridgeback bike
2002: Genesis Day 03

Something totally new

In 2001 we created the flat bar road bike. Originally named Genesis, this new breed of fast commuter sports bike is seen as one of the last significant developments in cycle genres.

Despite having undergone significant evolution, Ridgeback’s award winning design continues today in the Flight series.

25<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Ridgeback R25
2003: The Switch Storm

Mountain or street bike?

Ridgeback’s Urban series was another trend setter. In 1998 these slick tyred, street mountain bikes were not only lots of fun to ride but provided a serious alternative to the more traditional commuting bike. Becoming the Switch series in 2003, they ran right up until last year.

25<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Ridgeback R25
2006: Dual Track Advance

Big wheels keep on rolling

Other milestones include, Dual Track, a robust all rounder with 29” wheels aimed at riders looking for a more comfortable off-road experience. Originally designed as a mountain bike, today’s Dual track is more off-road hybrid than mtb.

Using 700c road rims instead of traditional 26 inch wheels, the Dual Track’s larger tyres give the bike a longer contact patch for improved traction whilst rolling over lumps and bumps more smoothly.

2008 R25: 25th Anniversary
2008 R25: 25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

In 2008, to mark our 25th anniversary, the R25 was launched. This was a limited edition of one hundred very special flat bar road bikes. Based on a prototype bike I was riding at the time, the R25 was Ridgeback’s most advanced flat bar bike to date.

Five years on and it’s now clear that the R25 was a precursor of the future of braking on performance flat bar bikes, as it was equipped with Shimano Deore XT hydraulic discs, capable of awesome stopping power. Today, all Flight series bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

2013 : Supernova XT 2013 : Supernova XT

30th Anniversary

It’s been 23 years since the launch of the Roxy. Our first ‘hybrid’ bike, the Roxy was a forerunner of the Rapide series, one of the most successful commuter bike ranges in the UK.

To celebrate Ridgeback’s 30th anniversary, this year’s Rapide series includes a limited edition Supernova equipped with Shimano’s premium level Deore XT componentry.

The 2014 Supernova XT offers fifty lucky riders the opportunity to own a practical and comfortable commuting bike of the highest quality. No two bikes are alike as each one is uniquely numbered 1 to 50.

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