Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have compiled a long list of the most popular questions we get asked. If you need more information, please contact us.

I want my own Ridgeback bike – where can I buy one?!

We believe in supporting your local bike shop! That’s why we have an extensive network of expert dealers who can help you get your perfect Ridgeback, whether you’re after a reliable tourer or your first mountain bike.Find your local dealer here. You can also buy your new Ridgeback through Freewheel – your local bike shop online. You have the option to have your new bike delivered to your local dealer, or to your door.

Who are Freewheel?

We’ve partnered with Freewheel as a solution to offer Ridgeback bikes online whilst supporting local bike shops at the same time. Freewheel are essentially your local bike shop online. Each online sale supports the selected bike shop with a percentage of your sale, whether you choose to click & collect or get it delivered straight to your door. Please note that Freewheel currently only deliver within the UK at this time.

I’d love to test ride a Ridgeback – what’s the easiest way?

The best way to test-ride a Ridgeback is to contact your nearest stockists and ask what models they have available to test.

What warranty do I get with my bike?

All of your warranty questions are answered here.

I’ve scratched my pride and joy… have you got any touch up paint I can fix it with?

Unfortunately we do not stock replacement touch up paints. However, we do have a list of nearest-match paint codes that you can download here. This is our complete known paint colour history - if it's not listed then unfortunately we do not have a reference colour available. All colours listed are a closest match, but not exact, to the original and ideally suited to touching up stone chips in discreet areas.

Which mudguards, racks or bags are compatible with my Ridgeback?

It’s hard for us to specify if certain brands of mudguards/racks will be compatible on your bike as it depends on the model you have and your wants/needs. Your best option will be to talk to your local bike shop or ask the mudguard/rack manufacturer.

I’m trying to fix my bike, but have run into problems – can you give me some technical advice, or give me a technical walk through?

It’s really hard to give safe and accurate technical advice over the internet. We’d always advise going to see an expert. We suggest taking it in to your local Ridgeback dealer, where they can see the bike and diagnose any technical or mechanical issues that you’re having with your bike. If you have a warranty claim, they can handle that too.

Where can I get Ridgeback branded components?

Unfortunately, we do not range Ridgeback branded components for after sale. Your local Ridgeback dealer may be able to source a spare.

Where can I find specs for older bikes?

Check out our catalogue archive dating back to 2010here.

Bike Registration

We recommend noting down your frame number (located on the underside of the Bottom Bracket) and using one of the many online services available.

I'm not happy with the bike I purchased, what do I do?

We’re sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your new bike. We want to get it right - if you have purchased a bike from one of our dealers, please return it to the store you purchased it from within 30 days (along with proof of purchase). They will discuss the options available to you and rectify the situation. Alternatively, if you purchased the bike from our online retail partner Freewheel in the last 30 days and it has not been used, you can get in touch with them directly and they will arrange a collection. You will need to provide the following information: Your full name and collection address including postcode; Your Freewheel order number and confirmation of bike model; Your preferred date of collection (Monday to Friday only); Your contact telephone number (to give to the courier). Please note if the bike is unwanted, there will be a charge for collection. You will also need to package the bike as it was received in the original box. If you purchased the bike online through Freewheel and chose to collect it from your local Freewheel authorised store you have the option to return it via that store as well.

Do you have dealers outside the UK?

Ridgeback bikes are now widely available in many European countries - find your local UK dealer here. and your local international dealer here.

I’m planning a trip/adventure, can I get support?

We’re always looking out for keen riders who are planning trips so we are open to receiving sponsorship proposals to consider. Email us at and we’ll be in touch.

Does Ridgeback offer finance on bikes?

Ridgeback do not offer finance directly. However, through our online retail partner Freewheel, you are able spread the cost of your new bike via a finance scheme. For more information please see the Freewheel finance page here.

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I am having general problems accessing your website

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