metro bike series

Our best-selling commuter category, the Metro series is stylish and adaptable with the durability needed for everyday use.

electron bike series

Capable of transporting riders and luggage over roads that would be challenging without the smooth pedal assistance, E-Riders are getting further than ever while using less energy.

flight bike series

Quick and adaptable, a Ridgeback Flight performs at its highest level on the city streets and in rugged urban conditions.

world bike series

Long distance tourer, rugged commuter or just for day rides, a Ridgeback World series bike offers a cycling experience steeped in history but with the benefit of contemporary technology.

Rapide Bike Series
Rapide Bike Series

Wet weather road bikes, rugged commuters or weekend adventure machines, versatility is the word when it comes to Rapide.

dual-track bike series

A robust all-rounder that's self-assured on rough terrain yet feels comfortably balanced on family rides along canal towpaths.

tradition bike series

The Tradition is a prime example of taking a classic design and improving it without losing any of the original charm.

avenida bike series

A modern take on the traditional 'Dutch' style bicycle, an Avenida is a stylish solution for people on the move.

dimension bike series

Ideal for younger riders who cycle more frequently. All the principles of a Metro series hybrid with a specification and features designed specifically for smaller riders.

boys bike series

Perfectly proportioned to provide small riders the best fit for comfort and control.

girls bike series

Perfectly proportioned to provide small riders the best fit for comfort and control.

scoot bike series

Learning to balance within easy reach of the floor is a whole lot of fun.